DREAM Act, Immigration Reform & Veterans: Top Picks from the Immigration and Refugee Blogosphere

Welcome to Top Picks! In this series, which will appear each Monday, I’d like to share with you some of the posts from around the blogosphere that I found the most thought-provoking or applause-worthy.

Today, I’ll focus  on the meaning and consequences of Election Day and Veterans Day. To mark these two November milestones, I encourage you to read a pair of posts that honor immigrant veterans, as well as the ACLU’s take on why  Maryland’s DREAM Act victory should boost federal immigration reform. Rounding out these picks is a Colorlines analysis of why advocates of comprehensive reform may find themselves wrangling with newly minted supporters of immigration “compromise.”

If you notice any interesting ideas floating around the blogosphere, please be sure to email me or comment below. I look forward to bringing you more Top Picks next Monday!

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