‘Shafiq has the tools to change jobs or career paths': LIRS Releases Careers and Connections Guide for Employment Mentoring


Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has walked alongside migrants and refugees as they have built new lives in America since 1939. Through our work, LIRS and Lutherans across the country have learned to respond to specific, targeted needs and … Read Post

Much of the Same: Conditions in Border Facilities Are Still Hurting Kids

Potable water station

Today, I share a post from Jessica Jones, LIRS Policy Counsel, on her recent visit to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention facilities in the Rio Grande Valley. These facilities were at the epicenter of last summer’s Central American refugee … Read Post

From a Refugee Camp of 60,000 to Washington, DC: LIRS Academy Participant Tells His Story

Rehani Mbula300x300

Rehani Mbula is a 2015 Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy participant and former refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rehani completed high school in just two years and now wants to use his education to help the migrants and … Read Post

‘You Are Not Alone’ — LIRS Academy Participant Creates Welcome for Refugees in Utah

Ser Ehdoh Htoo300x300

LIRS's upcoming Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy is diverse: home countries, religions, and native languages vary. But despite these differences, their passion for serving their communities is notably consistent. This passion is evident in Ser … Read Post

‘I Don’t Have to be in South Sudan to Bring Change’ — A Former Lost Boy on Achieving Peace

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As LIRS's Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy approaches, I am excited to share the experiences of some of the courageous new Americans that will be participating in the Academy. Mayom Bol Achuk, a former refugee from South Sudan who now lives in … Read Post

One Third of the Senate and House of Representatives Call on Secretary Jeh Johnson to End Family Detention


Each year on June 20th, hundreds of thousands of people celebrate World Refugee Day. Last year, the celebration was tainted by the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement of its plans to open the now infamous Artesia Family Residential Center … Read Post

How the LIRS Academy Reignited My Passion to Fight for Refugee and Migrant Rights — Academy Graduate Shares Her Story


LIRS's 2015 LIRS Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy is an extraordinary event which brings together migrant and refugee leaders from across the country. The Academy is supported by a planning committee of five Academy alumni. The planning … Read Post