Debate on Migrant Children and Families is Not Over as Congress Comes Back to D.C.— National Action Alert


On September 8th, Congress will come back to Washington, D.C. after spending a month in their hometowns during the August recess. You may recall how Congress failed to pass additional funding to protect and serve children, refugees, families, and other vulnerable migrants before leaving Washington, D.C. Now, regrettably, we are preparing for more tense budget negotiations and unwise attempts to strip trafficking protections for children fleeing violence in Central America. In late July, the House of Representatives passed their emergency supplemental funding bill, which LIRS staunchly opposed. The final bill stripped away critical legal protections for children included in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2008 (TVPA), severely underfunded the Department of Health and Human … [Read More...]


North Carolina Lutherans Speak Out Against Anti-Immigrant Resolution — State Action Alert

Grassroots advocates across the country are working hard to remove unjust and unwelcoming legislation. GeoRene Jones, a Glocal Ministry Team Facilitator at St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Salisbury, North Carolina is part of a team of these … [Read More...]


Immigration Groups File Lawsuit Against Obama Administration — National Action Alert

Last week, four organizations — the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the American Immigration Council, the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and the National Immigration Law Center — filed a lawsuit alleging the Obama … [Read More...]


Thank You For Your Support! LIRS Advocacy Actions Reach Highest Level Yet

The support for children and families fleeing Central America due to violence and persecution has been overwhelming. Since July, more than 900 actions were taken through our Action Center, the highest level of action yet. However, we still need your … [Read More...]


Migrant Mother’s Courageous Story Moves Lutherans to Action — State Action Alert

Congregations across the country have stepped up to respond to, and learn from, the families fleeing violence in Central America. In July, Folabi Olagbaju, LIRS National Grassroots Director, and Alexia Salvatierra of the Southwest California Synod of … [Read More...]


‘Our Response Must be Informed by a Faith That Always Sides with the Outsider’ — Interview with Rev. David Vasquez

Pastor David Vasquez is an inspirational champion of welcome. As Senior Faith Advisor to the #ActOfLove advocacy campaign, he boldly reminds us how the plight of Central American children relates to our faith tradition, and how young people can … [Read More...]


Immigration Detention Causes Malnutrition and Psychological Trauma in Children — National Action Alert

A few weeks ago, Nora Skelly, former LIRS Assistant Director for Advocacy, shared a powerful reflection of her visit to the Artesia, NM detention facility currently used to detain hundreds of mothers and children from Central America. While we have … [Read More...]


How Do You Become a Voice for Welcome in Your Community? Find Out Here.

Many of us feel concern and a desire to care for children and family migrants seeking refuge. Figuring out how to help can be overwhelming so we’ve compiled a list of resources that includes several things you can do in your local community to show … [Read More...]


All Eyes On Obama: President Expected to Act on Immigration — National Action Alert

Last week, Congress failed to pass legislation to protect children and families seeking refuge in the United States before heading home for August recess. The Senate’s bill from June 2013 to fix our broken immigration system has yet to be … [Read More...]

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Would You Defend Your Life in Court Without an Attorney? These Children Do

Today, I'd like to introduce a guest blog post from LIRS Director for Access to Justice, Liz Sweet. Sweet reflects on a recent lawsuit challenging the federal government's failure to provide thousands of vulnerable migrant children with lawyers in … [Read More...]


Top 4 Actions to Ask Your Member of Congress to Take during August Recess — State Action Alert

The August congressional recess started this week. 2014 is an election year, so many Members of Congress will be spending a great deal of time in their home districts, hosting local town hall meetings and speaking with constituents.  This month … [Read More...]